Why not take a Culinary Escape with us...



The House of Chef James would like to take you on a delectable escape, whether it is to be in the comforts of your own home or  an evening at our Exclusive Private Dinning Harvest Table , expect it to be an unforgettable evening. Reserve early !!!


We are able to accommodate up to a group of 16, you & your guests will be opened to our Kitchen able to infuse you senses with the culinary experience. 


For our foodie enthusiast, why not Leave it up to the chef to make your choices whilst you sit back and savour in the delights of having your own personal chef.


*All allergies & Dietary Restriction to be given in advanced

Become a Verified Foodie


Email us your request


The Discovery Menu

For the true Foodies at Heart....

*Surprise Menu* 


Let us chose your  Journey Menu for you and your guests. We will entice your taste buds with a 7 Course Meal chosen specifically for you.

Our Chef will ask you a couple of questions pertaining to your likes and tastes. Let us Wow you!

Immerse yourself in a Culinary Adventure that will take you on a creative trip of senses.


Take Part in the Creative process. .

Show how creative you can be!!

Q. What if my guest have allergies?

A. We will prepare a specialized menu that will be allergie freindly. Ex: Organic*, Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free, Low Sodium, Diary-Free.

Q. What if my dinner table isn't big enouht for all my guests?

A. We have our Harvest Table that can fit up to 10 guests and we also have our Chefs Bar that can seat up to 4 more guests, Let us know upon booking if you would like us to come to be a guest at your Home or if you would prefer to be a guest at ours.

Q. What would be the Price for this service?

A. Depending on how many guests you are, the price per person will be adjusted, it can begin around $95.00/pp + txs & gratuity . Contact us Today for more pricing.

Q. Do you bring your own plates when you come by and what if my kitchen is to small?

A. We sure do !! We like getting creative with our plateware:) Best Part, we clean up after oursleves. Upon booking, we ask you to take a photo of your kitchen and send it to us, that way we can prepare accordingly:) No Kitchen is too small:) 

Our Chef's Gallery


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